Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let the Learning Begin!

The first three lectures are available for the Programming Android for Mobile Applications course. Although it was basically a review for me they are excellent.  I have installed the SDK multiple times in recent years and I am happy to report that the 'old days' of downloading and configuring separate components are long gone (thank goodness).  The process is now download, unzip and find the eclipse link. You still have to download a Java Run Time Environment but that is easy.  One good recommendation from   is that the ease of installation should no longer strike fear into your heart when making changes. The installation used to be so hair raising that you wouldn't change anything for fear of 'breaking' your installation. The bad news is that the emulators are still slow.  In fact, I warn people that the first time you fire one up you will swear that your computer is locked up. Most certainly anyone developing Android devices should own one.  Deploying to a hardware device is much more pleasant.  As far as I know this course can be taken for free. I opted for the $49 certificate option mostly as an incentive for me to force myself to  get my 'money's worth'  This link is supposed to go to the first lectures but it looks like it may have been redirected to their main website. 

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