Tuesday, January 14, 2014

*Free Money To Family And Friends!*

I have enrolled in this course on  Entrepreneurship and I have watched the first two units.  I believe it to be a very valuable course that is well thought out and very organized (so far).  I believe that it should be taken by anyone regardless of whether you want to start a business or not. For younger people this will provide a solid framework to evaluate your ideas that will prove valuable throughout your life.  So here is the offer:  For anyone that knows me personally (friends or family or following)  that enrolls and completes this course I will give a framed U.S. Dollar entitled "my first buck".  
I almost forgot: The course is free!
Here is a description and link.

Creating and launching an online business idea is more accessible and easier than ever - if you know how. Let us introduce you to the simple tools and information you need to make your Startup idea a reality. 

Industry experts share their experience and advice on the best methods to turn your concept into a well-tested, finely tuned, and competitive online product. Convenient, free, and packed full of exactly what you need to know. 

Introduction to Startup Entrepreneurship is open for registrations now.

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