Monday, November 18, 2013

Android for people that need a little help.

I bought my Down's Syndrome disabled nephew an Android dual core tablet from Walmart for $79 and gave it to him for his birthday.  We had a wonderful hangout for his birthday with three Android tablets  locally and guests as far away as Belarus and Michigan (I think it is somewhere near Belarus). The party was sheer pandemonium with almost everyone new to the concept of hangouts. The only really experienced ones were my relatives from Minsk Belarus.  My brother made a nice stand for my nephew's tablet computer and he has already become quite 'casual' when he hangs out now. It was truly funny the first time my nephew hung out with his grandmother because he was literally speechless. All he could do is stare with wonder at the screen.  Unfortunately, he didn't readily grasp the fact that he was also being 'seen' at the same time (had to be told to keep his thumb off of the camera). The stand that my brother built fixed everything.  It may have created a sound issue because of the location of the speaker being on the back of the tablet. I will be visiting for Thanksgiving so I will evaluate the situation then. Here is a photo of the birthday boy the day after his party.

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